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Hongkong Ohlsenwin Co., Limited

Our Team

Hongkong Ohlsenwin Co., Limited is a pharmaceutical intermediate company established by Guang 'an Runkang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD which led by a core team of former Yale University professors, senior American scientists, and a Sichuan Province "Thousand Talents Program" specially appointed expert, and advised by an international team of renowned experts, Ohlsenwin has attracted industry elites to develop innovative products and processes.

Our products advantage

1. They do not contain the key isomer impurity 3-thiophenethanol, which is expected to rewrite the quality standards of the Pharmacopoeia;

2. The reaction steps are shortened from two steps to one step; close to zero emissions and no pressure on environmental protection;

3. The production cost is reduced than original production process

We also can custom make follow customer’s requirments

Our basic product are: thiophene ethanol,Thiophenethylamine,tetrahydrothiophene pyridine,condensation,Tartrate,synthetic nicotine.

Our Story

Ohlsenwin is a pharmaceutical intermediate and synthetic nicotine manufacturer located in the Chaoyang Chemical Industrial Park in Yuechi, Sichuan Province. The company specializes in the independent research and development and industrialization of high-value pharmaceutical intermediates and high-end raw materials, with a focus on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular drugs.
The company has two professional laboratories, four workshops, and a factory with a total construction area of 36,000 square meters. Currently, Ohlsenwin has a production line capable of producing 3,000 tons of 2-thienylethanol and a 20-ton synthetic nicotine production line. The factory operates 24/7 with nearly 100 employees in management, research and development, quality control and assurance, ESH, and production.
With the strengthening of research and development and the completion of more production lines, Ohlsenwin's market share in the field of cardiovascular pharmaceutical intermediates and raw materials is expected to reach half of the global market. The manufacturing standards have reached the international level, and the company has also developed many new products, new processes, and innovative drugs such as anti-asthma and anti-herpes virus drugs.
Ohlsenwin has completed over 100 process developments, GMP production, and FDA new drug declarations, submitted over 50 patent applications, and obtained more than 20 patent authorizations. The company has received numerous honors and qualifications, including being recognized as a national high-tech enterprise and a Chengdu High-tech Zone Gazelle Enterprise.
The company's first production line, which produces the entire series of chlorpyridine intermediates, has a globally leading exclusive process with independent intellectual property rights. The product layout is the most comprehensive, and the quality of products produced by Ohlsenwin's technology is the best in the world, with the lowest cost and minimal emissions.
Ohlsenwin places great importance on environmental protection. In the process of designing, constructing, and operating the factory, the company strictly adheres to relevant national regulations and standards and takes the green circular economy as its core philosophy. The company has implemented a safety production responsibility system for each piece of equipment, every process, and every employee to ensure the company's green, safe, and efficient operation. The company has also built its wastewater treatment plant, which has a processing capacity of 500 tons per day, ensuring that all the company's wastewater meets the discharge standards. The company also has waste gas recovery devices, waste liquid and gas incineration systems, and waste heat recovery boilers to produce steam for production, making their production processes environmentally friendly.
Ohlsenwin believes that every exploration is a new beginning in the field of chemistry, which is an important driving force for human civilization's progress, and medicine is the shining pearl of the chemical field.